3. The agronomic factors are those that directly affect the olive. Based on the ease with which they can be controlled, and since only some of these factors can be controlled at all, many years back it was decided that the variety to be cultivated for our Terra Andúyar would be Picual.
Another reason for the choice was the fact that this variety is responsible for the composition of fatty acids and contains polyphenols. There are varieties with high oleic acid content, such as Picual, and varieties with a high linoleic content, such as Arbequina, as well as a high polyphenol content.

The geographical origin of the oils plays a fundamental role in the definition of the components of their organoleptic profile and, therefore, contributes to their quality. When comparing oils of the same varieties from different environments, differences in the content of the main fatty acids are also observed. When we decided to start growing olives, we looked for crops that were lost in the Sierra to obtain our Terra Andúyar. That way, our oil would pick up all the nuances that are present therein.

As to the extrinsic factors, which are those factors that can be controlled by the management, we have improved the ancestral, cultural and artisan cultivation techniques, the collection technology, phytosanitary treatments compatible with the environment and favoring the ecosystem, as well as the harvesting process followed by exquisite care and transportation.
The cultural techniques have a direct influence on the growth of the tree, and therefore on the production of oil. The cultural techniques that most influence the obtaining of a good olive oil are protection against diseases, external harmful agents and harvesting. We entrust our team of engineers, who measure the evolution of the ecosystem, with this task.

Our Terra Andúyar was developed taking into account the four following factors:

  • Controlled and water-saving irrigation. The influence of irrigation on the quality of olive oil: the moisture content of the soil is very important, since the dry seasons delay the ripening of the fruit. The chemical components most influenced by irrigation are phenols, which affect both the oxidative stability and the sensory characteristics, especially bitterness, showing in both cases an inverse relationship with the amount of water applied to the trees. We maintain the necessary water levels in plants in fruit. Our olive groves have an optimal and rational irrigation system in use.
  • Plant health. Plant health is one of the cultivation practices that can have the greatest influence on the quality of the final product. It is impossible to obtain quality oils if they are not part of perfectly healthy fruits that have remained on the tree until the perfect time of collection. Terra Andúyar only allows oil to be produced from olives harvested while they are still on the tree.
  • The cut of the tree: pruning is key to the quality of olive oil. Pruning has a direct effect on the maturation of the fruits, as the more light reaches all areas of the tree, the faster and more homogeneous the maturation will be. The result is also a strong influence on the organoleptic characteristics of the oil obtained. Overall, pruning is a studied action that has a boosting effect on the health of the tree and its fruit.
  • How our sustainable production techniques affect the quality of the olive oil. the techniques of integrated production and organic farming have an important influence on the final quality of the oils. It has been shown that integrated production techniques provide higher concentrations of total sterols and tocopherols. Terra Andúyar is in the process of continuous improvement of conversion from Integrated Production to Biological Production, using organic fertilizers, maintaining the plant cover and the rest of the necessary elements for the maintenance of our ecosystem.

Thus, for the enjoyment of the consumer of Terra Andúyar, we offer:

  • High quality products guaranteed by a system that ensures the traceability of the product.
  • A super-food produced with artisanal techniques which respect the environment.

We increase the added value of the agricultural products of our Terra Andúyar because we use the means of production in a wise way, which improves the binomial profitability of the exploitations and results in an improvement of the ecosystem. We guarantee the sustainability of the agrarian system through our deliberate actions:

  • We optimize the use of chemical products.
  • We reduce erosion of the soil and improve its fertility through a rational system of irrigation and maintenance of the plant cover. We resolutely protect the native flora and fauna.
  • We promote the conservative activity of the rural environment and landscape.