1. It can be said that the quality of an oil depends fundamentally on the variety, on the cultivation techniques used, as well as on the environment where the olive grove is situated. All the stages of the process of obtaining extra virgin olive oil of superior quality influence the final quality of the product, in one way or another. Factors that affect quality are related to variety, agronomic practices, the production process, transportation and storage.

The percentages are exactly as follows:

1. Variety 20%
2. Degree of maturation 30%
3. Extraction system 30%
4. Means of transport 5%
5. Collection method 5 %
6. Conservation 10%

With this always in the forefront of our minds, and having studied the latest state-of-the-art techniques, in Terra Andúyar we focus on each and every one of these factors to optimize the quality of the oil that is bottled and placed on your table each day. Having deeply studied the processes and the causal relationships between factors and the quality of oil, our team has for decades been dedicated to the cultivation and development of a unique system used to make our oil.

The variety: Picual. Undoubtedly the noblest sister of the varieties, recognized for her excellence and for her stronger resilience, cultivated in Jaén.

Percentage of the conditioning factors of the qualitative characteristics of olive oil.