Vistalegre and Los Juncares

Our fields are nestled in the region of Andújar, in the heart of Sierra Morena, with the richness of its soils and surrounded by the Sierra de Andújar and its natural reserve.

The mountain range, the flora and fauna of the place, shape its character and identity. The ground cover, pampered throughout the year, in a gesture of gratitude, provides the product with its unique qualities which distinguish it from the rest.

The soil of the Guadalquivir valley, confers on the olive oil the smoothness of a Picual variety and at the same time reveals a fruity intensity.

In our fields you can observe fighting bulls grazing, pure-breed horses running free and pigs at rest…

That is the magical environment, where olives have been cultivated for more than 30 years with natural production mechanisms, so that sustainable agriculture is guaranteed. Furthermore, introducing biological methods of integrated production and other techniques, results in both the highest quality and protection of the environment.