Our Terra Andúyar can be found in the natural reserve, Sierra de Andújar which is currently the best-preserved representative of the Mediterranean Forest. It has the privilege of housing an enormous variety of animals, many of them in serious danger of extinction, which found here their last refuge. This is why, this natural park has earned the reputation of being one of the most important and the most biodiverse natural reserves of the Iberian Peninsula.

THE FAUNA that surrounds our farms.

The Iberian lynx, the red stag, the fallow deer, boar, mountain goat, and the Iberian wolf, all of which protect and watch over the olive trees of Terra Andúyar. The imperial eagle and the royal eagle sail the majestic skies above the olive groves.

THE FLORA of our fields are the forests.

The scrubland, the meadows and the landscape of the riverside. They are all in perfect balance with the olive trees and aromatic plants like rosemary, marjoram, thyme and lavender which infuse our olives with their aromas, character and harmony. Thus is the singularity of the landscape of Sierra Andújar Natural Reserve.

The riverbank vegetation is rich in both the main rivers that cross the reserve: Jandula and Yeguas, as well as in streams and ravines. It is populated by species of trees like ash, alder, willow and oleanders that form a great gallery of forests which serve as refuge to many species of fauna.